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At The University of Manchester Coding Boot Camp, in partnership with Trilogy Education Services, participants are supported by a dedicated career services team of experienced professionals consisting of a career director and profile coach. Collectively, they will prepare each individual to be “employer competitive” through a series of career readiness milestones.

Although we gear you up to be employer competitive upon programme completion, building a career is hard work and can only be done by you.

Empowerment is key

We know that in order to achieve real results, it’s up to the participant to give it their all. That’s why our career services team is focused on empowering individuals to use their skills and talent to find the job that is right for them. We can’t do the heavy lifting for you, but we can prepare, guide, and encourage you as you put your best foot forward to land your dream job.

The career services team will help you build the job-search skills you need. Throughout the programme, we will provide you with all of the tools to become employer competitive and stand out in the market. We will get you ready to meet employers and ensure you are marketable through a dedicated profile coach and career director that will work with you throughout the programme. While we cannot do the work for you, we are here to amplify your efforts.

  • A member of our profile coach team provides participants with individualised feedback on job search materials such as their CV, GitHub, portfolio, and LinkedIn account.
  • The career director helps participants navigate the job search process. They will begin hosting open office hours shortly after the start of the programme. As the end of the programme approaches, career directors begin more frequent one-on-one meetings with individuals to discuss goals and to prepare them for the job search.

In addition to one-on-one career assistance, participants receive CV and social media profile support, portfolio reviews, opportunities for mock interviews, and more.

Those who complete our coding programme will be qualified for many different roles, including:

  • Full stack developer
  • Front end web developer
  • Back end web developer
  • Product manager
  • Technical project manager
  • QA and test engineer
  • Software developer
  • Application development manager
  • Computer programmer
  • Web designer
  • Email developer 
  • Web producer
  • Technical business analyst

Employer ready vs employer competitive

We have talked with hundreds of employers, and we know exactly what employers are looking for in top candidates. These conversations have led us to identify that there is a difference between being employer ready and employer competitive.

Employer ready: An employer ready candidate has completed the minimum of what is expected to enter into a typical job application process. This candidate has strong professional materials, yet struggles to make it past the screening stage of most job application processes.

Employer competitive: An employer competitive candidate has positioned themselves for success through networking, company research, excellent professional materials, and a strong demonstration of their commitment to ongoing learning. These candidates are proactively seeking and pursuing the jobs that they want with effective outreach and follow-up strategies.

Career milestones

  • Going from employer ready to employer competitive
  • Build your visibility
  • Creating professional materials
  • Polish your portfolio and create a professional blog
  • Preparing for a successful interview
  • Finalise job search materials

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